A Cup of (Self) Kindness

 Playing with my food.

Playing with my food.

I read something on Facebook yesterday that said "You can't pour from an empty cup.  Take care of yourself first."  It's a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with and I have shared this advice with many a friend,  without really being any good at taking it myself.  It's something I've been working on, trying to make room in my schedule for good-for-me things like time with friends, meditation, and Netflix binges, and trying to make room in my heart for a little more self-love and kindness.  I'm getting better at saying "no" to activities that drain instead of inspire me, to projects that take more than they give, and to relationships that are past their expiry date.  And I'm trying to pay closer attention to how I'm feeling, both physically and mentally, so I can take preventative action long before I burn myself out.

Which brings me to today's post.  I've taken on some fun new ventures lately - a few courses and volunteer opportunities, and the beginnings of some new creative projects - which are exciting and inspiring but also draining.  Suddenly my empty job-less days seem packed to the gills and I'm burning the midnight oil, tucking my kids into bed before staying up into the wee hours of the night studying, trying to fit everything in.  It's requiring a bit of an adjustment.

To that end, I have decided to give myself the gift of a one-month sabbatical from this website, so that I can focus on re-calibrating and getting myself into a routine that I can sustain long-term.  This is by no means a goodbye.  I will be back on November 2nd, hopefully rested and raring to go.  I have big plans for this site including lots of ideas for other topics I want to write about.  One of my goals for October is to take some time to clean up the site a bit (update the images page, clean up links, add tags where they're missing) and to set some plans in motion for other improvements, including a logo and redesign.

I'm also choosing to take this hiatus now because I have finally (finally!) completed my children's book manuscript to a point of satisfaction and want to now begin the process of submitting it to publishers, which is going to require some time and effort and research.  And I am eager to get started on writing the next one, which has been chomping at the bit for some time. 

It is by no means easy for me to acknowledge that I need to stop and to take this break.  I treat my commitments pretty seriously and cutting myself slack feels a little like letting myself (and you) down.  But I know in my heart that this is what I need right now and it's for the greater good, and that my writing here will be better because of it.  Right now, my cup is empty and my plate is full and I need to find some balance so I can be better for myself, my family, and for all of you.

In the mean time, I wish you a joyful October.  I will miss writing here but I expect the month will fly by, and I already have some ideas churning for new posts in November and December.  Man.  I can't believe we're talking about November already. 

Keep well, my dears.  Lots of love.  See you in November.