Hello!  Welcome to Joy to the Girl. I'm Kirsi, the girl in question. And the joy? Well, the joy is being the so-very-lucky mother of two amazing wee ladies, and waking up to tiny knees in my ribs and sunshine on my shoulders in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and having a body that can get out of bed and move me through a simple life lived with intention and gratitude and a good dollop of humour.  

Or, on days when intention and gratitude and humour are eluding me, a life lived with cheap wine and much swearing.  

My initial intention for this website was to document my strategies to create and cultivate joy in my life, in the hopes that you might be inspired to do the same and share your own ideas and initiatives. This is still something I am very much interested in, but I am currently re-imagining my approach and focus to this topic. I hope to relaunch the site in January 2019.

For those who have visited before, you’ll see that I have removed all previous posts (save one). I am slooooowly working on compiling a book of essays and poetry, and I hope to include revised versions of some of my work previously published here. It also feels like a good time for a fresh start, as the girl I was when I started this a few years ago has changed so much.

In the mean time, you can find me over on Instagram. You can also reach me by email at  I would love to hear how you, too, are creating and cultivating joy in your life.  Especially if you're creating joy by devising fun, new cocktail recipes.  Please send those my way, pronto.