The pleasure is all mine.




Hello!  Welcome to Joy to the Girl. I'm Kirsi, the girl in question. And the joy? Well, the joy is being the so-very-lucky mother of two amazing wee ladies, and waking up to tiny knees in my ribs and sunshine on my shoulders in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and having a body that can get out of bed and move me through a simple life lived with intention and gratitude and a good dollop of humour.  

Or, on days when intention and gratitude and humour are eluding me, a life lived with cheap wine and much swearing.  

I'm making some changes to this little life of mine, as I strive to create and attract more joy to this girl and the two who bring me the most, and I'm finding that there are a few things I want to say along the way.  This seems as good a place to do that as any.  This website is about much more than my own journey, but if you're interested in learning a little bit more about who I am, these essays are a good start: Point B, The Darkness and the Light, and The Loss or the Lesson.  (Did I just refer to my life as my "journey"?  I'll let it stand, but please be assured that I am disgusted with myself.)

I aim to post a new essay every Wednesday but sometimes life is like "That's hilarious!" and has other plans.  Sometimes I post outside this "schedule" just to shake things up and live a little.  All words and photos are my own unless otherwise noted (I'm currently at work updating the image gallery). 

Thank you for visiting me here.  Please feel welcome to join in the conversation by adding your stories, ideas and opinions in the comments section below each post.  You can also find Joy to the Girl on Facebook and Instagram, and I'd love if you'd drop me a line at  I would love to hear how you, too, are creating and cultivating joy in your life.  Especially if you're creating joy by devising fun, new cocktail recipes.  Please send those my way, pronto.