Lift Off

Yesterday, I boarded a plane in Ottawa bound for a week of fun with my sister in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  On the ground, before take off, the weather was rainy and a little gloomy, the sun blocked out by miles upon miles of grey.  But then we started moving, the plane's wheels splashing darkened puddles as we rolled down the runway, and then...lift off.  Up we went, higher and higher until we pierced the clouds and rose above, and suddenly we were basking in sunshine and blue skies. 

It was a beautiful moment, and it reminded me that sometimes life can feel like that: miles upon miles of grey.  And sometimes, we just need to get moving, lift off, make our way through the gloom (having faith, even when we can't see where we're going), and rise above it.  Because this is what's waiting on the other side.